Friends of Argentine Tango

...more than just a dance



We believe that tango is more than just a dance… that it is a pathway to the intimate connection between mind, body and spirit. It is our mission to make this pathway accessible to everyone. Our purpose is to bring tango to people of all ages and backgrounds through authentic tango programs created by outstanding tango dancers and teachers.


FRIENDS OF ARGENTINE TANGO, founded by Walter Perez in 2013, is a New York City-based 501c3, nonprofit organization with a mission to

  • Promote, perform, and teach Argentine tango as a means of enhancing wellness, cultural enrichment, and personal growth
  • Disseminate tango among diverse audiences, especially among those individuals who may benefit from tango's multiple aspects, but are unlikely to pursue tango on their own initiative
  • Create programs that use tango as an educational tool for schoolchildren
  • Offer programs that include tango as a lifestyle intervention for seniors and individuals living with physical and psychosocial challenges.

To support our mission with your tax-deductible contribution,
please send a check payable to
"Friends of Argentine Tango"
53 East 97th Street,#1A, New York , NY 10029